SIEW 5QS Interviews

  • Yasuo Ryoki
    Yasuo RyokiOsaka Gas

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Yasuo Ryoki, Senior Executive Officer and Member of the Board, Head (Commercial and Industrial Energy Business Unit), Osaka Gas

    By EMA 17 Oct 2014

    Yasuo Ryoki, Head of the Commercial and Industrial Energy Business Unit, Osaka Gas, discusses the strengths of natural gas as an energy choice and how Asia can tap on this resource in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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  • Pek Hak Bin
    Pek Hak BinKPMG, Singapore

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Pek Hak Bin, Partner and Head of Energy & Natural Resources, KPMG in Singapore

    By EMA 17 Oct 2014

    Pek Hak Bin, Head of Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG in Singapore, shares his insights on the trends in Asia’s evolving energy landscape, as well as the challenges and risks that the region has to overcome.

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  • Dr Dan E. Arvizu
    Dr Dan E. ArvizuU.S. Department of Energy's (DOE)

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Dr Dan E. Arvizu, Director and CE of Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    By EMA 14 Oct 2014

    Dr Dan Arvizu, Director and Chief Executive, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE), discusses the lessons Asia can learn from the U.S. in terms of tapping renewables and energy efficiency as means to meet the region’s growing energy demands.

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  • Ng Meng Poh
    Ng Meng PohSembcorp Industries Limited

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Ng Meng Poh, Executive Vice President & Head (Utilities), Sembcorp Industries

    By EMA 13 Oct 2014

    Ng Meng Poh, Executive Vice President and Head of Utilities, Sembcorp Industries Limited, shares his insights on emerging trends and investment opportunities in the energy sector, as well as attracting talent into the industry.

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  • Mr. S Iswaran
    Mr. S IswaranSingapore

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Mr. S Iswaran

    By EMA 10 Oct 2014

    Hear Minister Iswaran’s insights on what Singapore is doing to enhance its energy security and ensure competitive energy prices, as the country readies herself for the challenges in the energy space ahead. With the Singapore International Energy Week around the corner, also hear what he thinks about its unique value.

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  • Maarten Wetselaar
    Maarten WetselaarShell Integrated Gas

    SIEW 2014: 5Qs with Maarten Wetselaar, Executive Vice President, Shell Integrated Gas

    By EMA 07 Oct 2014

    Maarten Wetselaar, Executive Vice President, Shell Integrated Gas, shares his thoughts on the future of energy in Asia.

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