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SIEW 5QS Interviews

  • Nopporn Chuchinda
    Nopporn ChuchindaSecretary-in-Charge, ASCOPE

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Nopporn Chuchinda, Secretary-in-Charge, ASCOPE

    By EMA 19 Aug 2015

    Secretary-in-Charge of ASCOPE Nopporn Chuchinda shares his thoughts on ASEAN’s oil and gas potential, its coal needs and the implications of the ASEAN Economic Community.

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  • Miguel Arias Cañete
    Miguel Arias CañeteClimate Action & Energy Commissioner, EU

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Miguel Arias Cañete, Climate Action & Energy Commissioner, EU

    By EMA 27 Jul 2015

    European Climate Action & Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete discusses the EU’s most pressing energy issues and shares key learnings for ASEAN to achieve regional integration.

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  • Thomas Jakob
    Thomas JakobRegional President, Bosch Software Innovations, Asia Pacific

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Thomas Jakob, Regional President, Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations

    By EMA 19 May 2015

    Thomas Jakob, regional president of Bosch Software Innovations in Asia Pacific, discusses how decentralisation is contributing to energy efficiency and resilience, as well as the role that technology plays in this endeavour.

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  • Tony Wood
    Tony WoodDirector of Energy Program, Grattan Institute

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Tony Wood, Director of the Energy Program, Grattan Institute

    By EMA 14 May 2015

    Tony Wood, director of the energy program at Grattan Institute, share his outlook for clean energy in Australia in light of the renewable energy target debate and growing shift towards distributed generation. He also discusses the opportunity for energy collaboration between Australia and the rest of Asia.

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  • Agneta Rising
    Agneta RisingDirector-General, World Nuclear Association

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Agneta Rising, Director-General, World Nuclear Association

    By EMA 08 May 2015

    Agneta Rising, director-general of the World Nuclear Association, discusses key nuclear safety challenges in Asia and shares her views on waste disposal methods and emerging technologies.

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  • Richard Green
    Richard GreenImperial College London

    SIEW 2015: 5Qs with Richard Green, Professor of Sustainable Energy Business, Imperial College London

    By EMA 29 Apr 2015

    Richard discusses why most of our energy need to be sustainable before 2050. He also shares how a balance between developing sustainable energy and driving economic growth can be struck, as well as lessons on liberalising the energy sector that can be applied to Asia.

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What role does ASEAN play in promoting the international trade? Jonty Rushforth,Editorial Director of Platts Asian and Middle East Oil Markets shares his thoughts.

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