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SIEW 5QS Interviews

  • Vijay Sirse
    Vijay SirseCPvT Energy Asia

    SIEW 2016: 5Qs with Vijay Sirse, Founder & CEO, CPvT Energy Asia

    By CPvT Energy Asia 12 Jul 2016

    Vijay Sirse, founder and CEO of CPvT Energy Asia, discusses the biggest game changer for Asia’s power sector and the growth opportunity for integrated energy solutions.

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  • Markus Steigenberger
    Markus SteigenbergerAgora Energiewende

    SIEW 2016: 5Qs with Markus Steigenberger, Deputy Executive Director, Agora Energiewende

    By Agora Energiewende 08 Jul 2016

    Markus Steigenberger, deputy executive director of the Agora Energiewende thinktank, shares how Asia and power markets can learn from Germany in transitioning to a low-carbon energy system.

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  • Jean-Bernard Lévy
    Jean-Bernard LévyEDF Group

    SIEW 2016: 5Qs with Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO, EDF Group

    By EDF Group 30 Jun 2016

    Jean-Bernard Lévy, chairman and CEO of EDF Group, discusses the impact of the digital revolution on utilities and power generation

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  • Jane Nakano
    Jane NakanoCenter for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

    SIEW 2016: 5Qs with Jane Nakano, Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Programme, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

    By CSIS 16 Jun 2016

    Jane Nakano, senior fellow at CSIS, shares her views on the evolution of U.S. energy policy, its impact on Asia and the outlook for North Asia’s energy security.

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  • Ambassador Michael W. Michalak
    Ambassador Michael W. MichalakUS-ASEAN Business Council

    SIEW 2016: 3Qs - Ambassador Michael W. Michalak, SVP and Regional MD, US-ASEAN Business Council

    By US-ASEAN Business Council 09 Jun 2016

    Ambassador Michael W. Michalak, SVP and Regional MD, and Alexandra Stuart, Director – Maritime, Southeast Asia, Energy and APEC, share their views on energy collaboration and talent development between ASEAN and the U.S.

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  • Helmut Engelbrecht
    Helmut EngelbrechtWorld Nuclear Association

    SIEW 2016: 5Qs with Helmut Engelbrecht, Chairman, World Nuclear Association (WNA)

    By World Nuclear Association 10 May 2016

    Helmut Engelbrecht, Chairman of WNA, discusses the implications of shifting to a low-carbon energy system, and the latest in nuclear technology and safety.

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