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SIEW 2017 Launch Presentation
SIEW Launch Presentation

IEA Oil Market Report Presentation at SIEW 2017 Launch

SIEW Oil Market Slide

SIEW 2016 Post Show Report
Post Show Report 2016

Post SIEW 2016 Factsheet
SIEW 2016 Highlights

Energy Acces Forum Report
EAF Report

SIEW 2016 Press Release
press release 2016

SIEW 2016 Media Factsheet (Japanese)
Media Factsheet Japanese

SIEW 2016 Launch Press Release: New Energy Realities
new energy realities

SIEW 2016 Factsheet

SIEW 2015 Post-Show Report
post-show report 2015

ISGAN’s Third Annual Award of Excellence Competition

IEA Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2015 by Dr Fatih Birol
Fatih Birol

SIEW 2015 Press Release: Energy leaders at SIEW conclude discussions on Global Energy Transitions

SIEW Opening Remarks by Mr S Iswaran, Minister For Trade And Industry (Industry)

Singapore Energy Story Exhibition e-Poster
Singapore Energy Story e-Poster_edited

SIEW 2015 Press Release: Singapore International Energy Week 2015 to commemorate Singapore's energy achievements

SIEW Press Release
SIEW2015 Media Press Release

SIEW 2015 Factsheet
factsheet flyers

Youth Factsheet
Youth Factsheet

Download SIEW 2015 Media Factsheet (Chinese)
SIEW2015 Chinese Media Factsheet

SIEW 2015 Press Release: Singapore International Energy Week 2015 to focus on "Global Energy Transitions" (Chinese)
SIEW2015 Media Press Release

Asian Downstream Week 2015 Brochure

Asian Downstream Week 2015

Platts 2015: The world after the price-quake, SIEW Networking Reception, Shanghai

Price Quake

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the Singapore Energy Lecture

Lee Kuan Yew

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the 2010 Singapore Energy Lecture

Lee Kuan Yew

Download SIEW 2015 Sponsorship Prospectus siew_sponsorship_prospectus_new

Download Post Show Report 2014 post show report_new poster

Download Post SIEW 2014 Flyer Singapore International Energy

Download SIEW 2014 Factsheet Singapore International Energy

Download SIEW 2014 Factsheet (Chinese) Singapore International Energy

Download SIEW Launch Presentation Slides Singapore International Energy

Download SIEW 2014 Sponsorship Prospectus Siew 2014 v2

Download SIEW 2013 Post Show Report Siew 2013 Post Show

Download Asia Energy Book 2013 Asia Energy 2013

Understanding Southeast Asia's Energy Outlook Asia's Energy Outlook

Download SIEW 2013 Main Brochure Brochure

Download Asia Energy Book 2012 Asia Energy Book 2013

Post-Show Report 2012 Post Show 2012

IEA Gas Launch Report bs2

Southeast Asian Launch of the World Energy Outlook 2012 sea

Minister S Iswaran's Opening Keynote for the Gas Asia Summit Iswaran

Opening Address by Senior Minister of State Lee Yi Shyan at PV Asia Pacific Expo & Conference Leeyishyan

Opening Address by Minister Grace Fu at the Asia Future Energy Forum Grace

SES Opening Address by Minister S Iswaran Iswaran

SIEW 2012 Opening Keynote Maria

Download SIEW 2012 Brochure Banner

Dr Noeleen Heyzer's presentation slides on " Rio+20: Implications for energy access and sustainable development in Asia", Distinguished Speaker Programme (25 April 2012) Noeleen

Singapore Energy Initiatives Singapore Initiative

Download Asia Energy Booklet 2012 Banner Asia Energy

SIEW 2012 Pre-brochure SIEW 2012 Embassy Reception Slides

Download the SIEW 2012 Sponsorship Kit SIEW 2012

Dr Fatih Birol's presentation slides on the IEA's World Energy Outlook 2011 lecture in Singapore Dr Fatih Birol

SIEW 2011 Show Report SIEW 2011

Download SIEW 2011 Brochure SIEW 2011 Brochure

SEL 2011 speaker Nobuo Tanaka Tanaka

Minister S Iswaran, Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry, at SIEW ndminister

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, at CEEA Opening Ceremony Dr Vivian

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Lee Yi Shyan at PV ASIA PACIFIC EXPO Lee Yi Shyan

Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck at the 6TH Platts Awards Dinner Teo Ser Luck

Amb Burhan Gafoor, Chief Negotiator for Climate Change, Singapore, at Carbon Forum Asia Ambassador Burhan Gafoo

EMA Chief Executive Chee Hong Tat at SIEW 2011 CE

Dr Fatih Birol's presentationslides on "A Glimpse into the Energy Future", 2nd Distinguished Speaker Programme Faith Birol

Tan Sri Leo Moggie's transcript and slides on "The Dynamics of the Electricity Supply Industry", Distinguished Speaker Programme DSP LeoMoggie

Download EMA's Asia energy landscape book: Fueling a Smart Energy Economy (FT) FT Book Cover

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