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CBMM is the world's leading supplier of niobium products and niobium technology. Fully integrated from the mine to the final customized products, CBMM also provides expert technical support to customers in the most sophisticated steel and technology industries around the globe.

A hallmark of CBMM’s 60-year history is collaboration to develop innovative solutions where niobium’s properties make it the unbeatable choice for improved efficiency, safety and performance. The Niobium Solar Mobile Project – the first zero emission motorcycle, combined with a solar charging container – is just one example of a partnership that harnessed the tremendous impact of a small amount of niobium added to steels, making them lighter, stronger, tougher and more weldable. These properties enabled the design of a 31% lighter frame for a motorcycle that goes faster and farther on a single solar charge.

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The motorcycles and solar charging station will be on display at the Marina Bay Sands (level 4) and the Event Square from 24th to 28th October 2016, and CBMM, the world’s leading supplier of niobium and niobium technology, is proud to be the only participant at SIEW using a solar powered exhibition platform.

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