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MVM Group is one of the most important players of the Hungarian energy industry, strategically a highly significant part of the Hungarian economy.

The MVM Group can be considered as an essential player in the energy sector and one of the most important energy company groups in Hungary. MVM Group has grown into the largest nationally-owned company group in Hungary, and based on its sales revenue (i.e. HUF 1.200 billion, equals approx. USD 4 billion) it has become the 4th largest company in Hungary and the 33rd in Central and Eastern Europe.

MVM has introduced its new growth strategy. According to the new guidelines MVM’s vision is to be a company that is regionally competitive, future- and customer-oriented, which provides sustainable and secure energy supply and energy services in a responsible manner, while pursuing continuous innovation.

The MVM Group with its capital strength is a highly successful energy company group; its aim is to double the EBITDA by 2020 (to HUF 200 billion, equals approx. USD 735 million) by defending its existing position and entering new growth areas.

MVM is a progressive player in the CEE region, what is more in Europe and in the Middle East as well. The company group having energy trading portfolio in 13 European countries recently enhanced its international operations by opening representative offices in Moscow, Brussels and Bratislava.

Through its stable operation MVM has been using its best efforts for years to provide electricity and natural gas at the most favourable prices possible, thereby guaranteeing energy security and affordable energy prices to Hungary and the region.

The company group’s activities with the areas of electricity generation, transmission, system operation, electricity and gas trade cover almost the complete Hungarian energy sector. MVM is ready to export its knowledge, expertise and innovative vision about energy, especially its nuclear best practice (having 50 years of experience in nuclear power generation) to companies all around the world. In addition to this the company portfolio offers services apart from the energy industry. There are professional companies within MVM Group – dealing with IT, telecommunications, financing and security – that are able to provide marketable services for international companies as well.

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