Dr Emir Mavani

President, Chief Executive Officer
Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation

Dr Emir Mavani is the current Board Director of the Malaysian Petroleum Resources Corporation and Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation.

Dr Mavani's post prior to joining PEMANDU was as Advisor on Policy and Strategy for the Abu Dhabi Government, where he was involved in the development of the long-term strategic plan for the government known as the Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda 2030. Previously, Dr Mavani served as the advisor to the UAE Ministry of Finance for five years and as a policy advisor to the Minister of Finance on fiscal and budget policies.

He has a long list of involvement in policy and economic areas in other countries in the Middle East and Malaysia, as well as international engagements with key world bodies such as OECD, World Bank and United Nations and Ivy League institutions focusing on public policy such as Harvard School of Government, Yale School of Management and Berkeley Hass School of Management.

Dr Mavani graduated with a Chemistry degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; a Masters in Engineering Management from Warwick University, UK; and a PhD in Government Reforms from Wanborough University, UK. He had also completed various executive education programmes in institutions such as Harvard and Yale. He is married with three children.