SIEW Day 1 (23 October 2017)


That’s a Wrap from Day 1

09.45 PM

It’s only been Day 1 at SIEW and already we’ve learnt so much from the energy thought leaders who joined us this year, especially so at the Singapore Energy Summit. We’re looking forward to the rest of the week as we launch the inaugural Singapore - International Energy Agency Forum tomorrow, and listen to the latest research on key energy issues at SIEW Energy Insights.

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Highlights from Singapore Energy Summit: Integrating Renewables

09.30 PM

How do we introduce technology at the speed we need to achieve decarbonisation?

Panelists discuss finance and investment, energy efficiency and digitalization to handle the complexity of integration at the Singapore Energy Summit.

José María Figueres, Former President, Costa Rica, Co-Chair, Global Ocean Commission and Christiana Figueres, Former Head, UN Climate Change Convention on the challenges of climate change and the opportunity it presents in the transition towards a decarbonised global economy.

SIEW 10th Edition Reception

08.30 PM

Delegates gather at ME@OUE for the SIEW 10th Edition Reception. Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of National Development, gave the opening address to kick off celebrations.

Highlights from Singapore Energy Summit

08.13 PM

Panelists spoke about clean energy, carbon tax, demand and supply and more at the first two sessions of the Singapore Energy Summit.

Singapore Energy Summit 1: Rethinking Energy

Singapore Energy Summit 2: Slow Road to Recovery? The Outlook for Oil & Gas

Rethinking Energy Through Interconnection

07.54 PM

Rethinking Energy Through Interconnection

Southeast Asia, China and India are expected to contribute to 60 percent of global energy demand, said Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) during his video keynote at the Singapore Energy Summit. This demand will need to be met in an affordable and sustainable way, he added, with energy efficiency and renewables expected to play influential roles. Read the full article

Thoughts from Singapore Energy Summit: Integrating Renewables

06.27 PM

More countries are turning to renewables and fuelling R&D to implement and integrate these energy sources. Energy efficiency is key to facilitating the growth of renewables. For more energy insights live from SIEW, follow us on Twitter @SIEW_sg.

Challenges and Opportunities in Energy

06.00 PM

From the rise of natural gas to solar energy to climate change – leaders discuss challenges and opportunities in the energy landscape with CNBC’s Sri Jegarajah.

Spotlight on solar energy in Singapore: Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Spotlight on solar energy in Singapore from CNBC.

Natural gas demand is rising as coal use wanes: Christiana Figueres, Former Head
UN Climate Change Convention

Natural gas is coming up as coal wanes: expert from CNBC.

We’re not walking away from climate change: John McCarrick, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Transformation, US Department of State

We're not walking away from climate change: US State Dept from CNBC.

New Ways to Realise LNG’s Potential as a Transition Fuel

05.50 PM


For the next 20 to 30 years, LNG could be the most optimal solution in balancing energy demand and environmental sustainability as renewables gain more traction, said Mr Yuji Kakimi, President of Jera, at the Singapore Energy Summit Session 2: Slow Road to Recovery? The Outlook for Oil & Gas. However, there are two key challenges that have to be addressed before LNG can play a more influential role in the global energy mix. Read the full article

Key Announcements at SIEW 2017

04.50 PM

1) Singapore will assume the Chairmanship of the 36th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM) in 2018

AMEM and Associated Meetings will be held from 29 October to 2 November 2018. The meeting will cover the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2016-2025, regional gas market developments, clean energy transition, and energy investments and financing.

2) Singapore-IEA Training Hub to focus on Energy Investments in 2018

The new training programme will address the growing energy demands in Asia. Energy Market Authority (EMA) and IEA will co-host the Singapore-IEA Forum on 24 October at SIEW to further deliberate on energy investment challenges in Asia.

MOU - SP and SIT

3) SP Group and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to develop Singapore’s first experimental urban micro-grid 

This urban micro-grid will be housed in SIT’s future campus at Punggol Digital District. It will be largely self-sufficient and can connect and disconnect from the main grid as required.

4) Households in Jurong will have access to the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in April 2018

The OEM will give consumers the choice to buy electricity from a retailer with a price plan that best meets their needs.

5) EMA launches Regulatory Sandbox to encourage energy sector innovations

The Sandbox will enable the energy sector to test new products and services in the electricity and gas sectors. This will also allow EMA to assess the impact of new products and services before deciding on the appropriate regulatory treatment.

6) SP Group launches Singapore’s first Utility-Scale Energy Storage System

EMA and SP Group today awarded two Singapore-led consortiums to implement the city-state’s first utility-scale Energy Storage System (ESS). The test-bed is expected to be operational for three years at two substation locations in the north and north-eastern part of Singapore.

7) EMA awards $6.2m research grant to develop solar forecasting capabilities

The grant has been awarded to a consortium led by the National University of Singapore (NUS). The consortium will look into improving the accuracy of solar photovoltaic (PV) output forecasts and grid management using techniques in weather prediction, remote sensing, machine learning and grid modelling.

SIEW Opening Remarks by SMS Sim Ann

04.10 PM

Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, delivered this year’s SIEW Opening Remarks.

In this dynamic energy landscape, SMS Sim Ann speaks of Singapore’s long-term goal to continue developing an energy system that is even more secure, competitive and sustainable. This includes investments in technological innovations and re-looking regulations and policies.

Watch the full speech here.

Please click here for the full speech

Singapore Energy Award 2017: Outstanding Leaders of Industry

04.00 PM

Today, two leaders in energy were awarded for their work outstanding contributions to growth of the sector: Mr Tang Kin Fei, Former Group President and CEO of Sembcorp Industries and Professor Ng Wun Jern, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTU and Former Executive Director at the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI).

SG Energy Awards

Mr Tang was awarded for his overall contributions to the energy sector. He spent more than 30 years at Sembcorp, and during his career there he has shown vision and exemplary leadership. He built Sembcorp’s utilities business and transformed the company into a global player in the energy and water arena. At Sembcorp, Mr Tang fostered collaborations with the Energy Market Authority (EMA), spearheading successful R&D efforts and manpower outreach.

Professor Ng, who founded NEWRI in 2007, received the Innovation award for his pioneering research, including his research in waste-to-energy and energy recovery value chains. He also played a key role in driving collaborations between Government and Industry, including a partnership between NTU and the National Environment Agency on the Tuas incineration research facility.

Read the full press release.

Singapore Energy Lecture by DPM Teo Chee Hean

01.40 PM

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister & Coordinating Minister for National Security, Teo Chee Hean, delivered the Singapore Energy Lecture at the 10th edition of SIEW.

In the Lecture, Singapore is in the process of developing strategies to achieve its long-term objectives of becoming more energy efficient and increasing its use of clean energy.

Watch the highlights from this morning’s lecture.

Please click here for the full speech

Join us at SIEW Live!

12.35 PM

Head down to the SIEW Live Studio on Level 5 and have a chat with us about your energy vision.

SIEW Launches 10th Edition Commemorative Book, “Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change: 10 Global Insights”

11.45 AM

We’re pleased to announce the launch of SIEW’s 10th edition commemorative book, “Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change: 10 Global Insights”. This book brings together 10 leading energy minds from across the world, to share their views on our collective energy future.

Find out more about the contributors and download the e-copy of “Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change: 10 Global Insights” here.

‘Live’ on Facebook: Dr. Fatih Birol at the Singapore Energy Summit

11.23 AM

Click to watch  Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency (IEA), deliver his thoughts on Rethinking Energy in this special message at the Singapore Energy Summit.

Day 1 - 4 - FB Live Stream 2 - SES 1 Keynote

‘Live’ on Facebook: SIEW Opening Remarks

09.35 AM

Click to watch  Sim Ann, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, deliver this year’s Opening Remarks.

Day 1 - 3 - FB Live Stream 1 - Opening Remarks

Seen at SIEW

08.40 AM

We’re all set up and ready to welcome energy thought leaders and delegates from around the world.

While waiting for SIEW to start, join us “on air” at the SIEW Live studio on Level 5, to share your energy vision and thoughts on this year’s theme. The studio is open all week.

Welcome to Day 1 of Singapore International Energy Week 2017!

08.30 AM

This year’s theme: Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change.

We’re looking forward to a week of robust discussions about the energy transition and the global cooperation needed to achieve a sustainable energy future. 

Day 1 - 1 - SIEW Holding Image

SIEW will kick off this morning with the Singapore Energy Lecture (9.00am), by Mr. Teo Chee Hean, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister & Coordinating Minister for National Security. Soon after, we’ll be Live on Facebook with the SIEW Opening Remarks presented by Ms. Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Singapore. We’ll also be Live with a special message from Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, during the Singapore Energy Summit. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

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