SIEW Day 4 (26 October 2017)


That’s it from Day 4

8.54 PM

We’re almost at the end of SIEW. Tomorrow we continue with more SIEW Thinktank Roundtables to cover nuclear safety and security, the Low Carbon District and Energy-Water Nexus in Singapore and emerging technologies for small-scale grids.

175 GW Renewables by 2022: India’s Ambitious Energy Strategy

06.41 PM


As the third largest primary energy consumer in the world, India’s energy strategy has important implications for global energy markets. The Government of India has set an ambitious renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022 (from about 60 GW in 2017), including 60 GW of wind and 100 GW of solar. At the same time, India’s grid is one of the fastest growing grids. Read the full article

How to Engage Consumers in a Liberalised Retail Electricity Market?

06.16 PM


There are many benefits of a liberalised retail electricity market for consumers. These include more competitive prices and greater flexibility for consumers to manage their energy use. But are consumers biting?

Despite efforts from regulators, a large proportion of consumers are still unaware of their choices – resulting in less-than-ideal switch rates, said participants of a roundtable at SIEW 2017. Read the full article

Insights from the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables

06.02 PM

From One Belt One Road to energy efficiency, thought leaders discussed the changing energy landscape at the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Institute for the Analysis of Global Security discussed the One Belt One Road initiative, its impact on ASEAN’s energy landscape, and how the initiative can create momentum toward a regional adoption of cleaner energy sources.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) hosted a discussion on Global Gas Security and Implications for Power Systems. The roundtable presented the IEA’s 2017 Global Gas Security Review, and discussed gas security issues in the Asia Pacific region.

ASEAN Centre for Energy’s roundtable discussion “20% in 2020 – Unlocking ASEAN’s Energy Efficiency Potential” looked at ASEAN Member States’ path towards energy intensity reduction.

Fossil Fuels Remain Significant to Asia’s Energy Future

05.49 PM


Coal and gas will contribute to at least one-third of global power generation in 2050, while oil is still required – that is even if it peaks at all by then.

These were the scenarios presented by Ms Yukari Yamashita, Board Member & Director of Energy Data and Modelling Centre, the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), during a roundtable at SIEW 2017. Read the full article

Energy Challenges and Solutions at SIEW Live

05.16 PM

Energy leaders share their thoughts on technical solutions, energy access, fossil fuels and electricity retail at SIEW Live.

Share your energy insights and thoughts on the theme, Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change, at the SIEW Live studio.


Seen at SIEW: The BMW 5 Series Sedan Plug-In Hybrid


With a larger battery than its hybrid predecessors and the option for a plug-in charge, the BMW 530e on display at SIEW could be your next sustainable ride.

The latest hybrid cars from the German carmaker borrow their technology from the innovative BMW i Series. The larger battery in the 530e allows for this city car to travel up to 40km with a single plug-in charge – no petrol needed. Unlike previous hybrids, the new plug-in models do not require engine power to recharge the battery.

Learn more at the BMW display near the escalators on Level 4.

Seen at SIEW: Asian Downstream Summit 2017 Exhibition

03.07 PM

Zoom in on all things new in the downstream sector at the Asian Downstream Summit (ADS) Exhibition, which hosts more than 20 exhibitors and sponsors.

Also check out, Jublia – ADS’s one-to-one business matching platform for delegates to connect for private business meetings in a dedicated zone.

Heard at the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables

02.31 PM

Energy leaders talk in-depth about the role of coal and LNG, competitive electricity markets and policy dynamics at the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables.

At The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan’s (IEEJ) roundtable discussion on “The Role of Coal and LNG in Asia’s Future Energy Mix: Defying the Odds?”, speakers discussed the latest developments in coal and LNG.

Speakers at Grattan Institute’s “Energy Markets: Are They Delivering Benefits for Customers?” roundtable examine the application of competitive electricity markets to deliver efficient investment, competitive prices and innovation to the long-term benefit of consumers.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies’s (IISS) discussion on “India’s Energy Strategy” tackles energy policy dynamics in India, and the opportunities and constraints faced by the authorities as they make energy policy choices for an era of greener growth.

Building a Sustainable Energy Landscape for Singapore

02.02 PM

Mr Soh Sai Bor, Assistant Chief Executive (Economic Regulation Division) of the Energy Market Authority (EMA) gave the opening address at the Innovation in Energy Services session held in conjunction with the Asian Downstream Summit (ADS). 

Day4 - 7 - Soh Sai Bor

Mr Soh touched on the need for service providers to innovate and deliver service with simplicity, transparency and clarity, as consumers will be at the core of a sustainable future.

Market Transformations at SIEW Live

01.23 PM

Delegates discuss changes in the energy market, new technologies and partnership opportunities at SIEW Live.

Join us at the SIEW Live studio next to the Delegate Lounge to share your energy insights.

Asian Downstream Summit at SIEW 2017

01.01 PM


The 10th edition of Asian Downstream Summit (ADS) began this year with a SAS-hosted VIP breakfast gathering that brought together forty senior executives across the refining, petrochemical and specialty chemical sectors.

At the breakfast, Mr Satyajit Dwivedi, Principal Industry Consultant, Global Process, Sensors and Smart Practice, APAC, SAS, and Mr Avinash Rajah, Enterprise Business Development Manager, Intel, shared insights on “Creating a Digital Future for Oil and Gas with Big Data Analytics & IoT”. Read the full article

Seen at SIEW: Gas Asia Summit 2017 Exhibition

11.16 AM

The GAS 2017 exhibition is the place for delegates to seek new business opportunities and discover the latest developments in the industry.

The exhibition showcases innovations and solutions crucial to advance the market further. It’s free for all so drop by before it ends today.

Gas Asia Summit & Exhibition at SIEW 2017

11.11 AM

The fifth edition of Gas Asia Summit & Exhibition (GAS) 2017 kicked off yesterday at Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) with hard-hitting insights from all aspects of the gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) value chain. With the global gas demand expected to grow by 1.6 percent a year for the next five years, according to International Energy Agency (IEA), discussions at GAS will provide a crucial overview of the industry to better navigate the highly dynamic sector and seize opportunities timely. Read the full article

Seen at SIEW: SP Group’s Smart Future

10.21 AM

Here at SIEW, SP Group’s Digital team is showcasing their plans for a smarter grid and meter system in the future. It includes a digitalised system that provides real-time data – from the live energy price, to a breakdown of renewables consumption, to malfunctions that may take place around the island. Data scientists will be able to analyse the data, identify anomalies in energy consumption, and allow SP Group to best respond to the situation at hand.

SP Group will also be integrating sustainable energy sources and storage systems to reduce carbon emissions, drive savings and bring convenience to customers. This includes an upgrade to the SP Utilities mobile app, which will empower consumers to track their actual and forecasted energy and water consumption.

It’s Day 4 of SIEW

09.07 AM

Today, SIEW dives into in-depth discussions at the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables, covering: The role of Coal and LNG in Asia’s future energy mix, energy markets, India’s energy strategy, China’s clean energy transition, global gas security and implications for power systems and ASEAN’s energy efficiency potential.

Alongside the roundtables, the Asian Downstream Summit and Gas Asia Summit continue with their exhibitions, so head over to the Orchid and Peony rooms.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

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