Asia well-positioned to embrace renewable energy sources, reduce emissions

The SIEW Networking Breakfast held in London on 5 June by Energy Market Authority of Singapore, saw a lively discussion on accelerating energy transformation in Asia.


Co-hosted together with SIEW partner events, Asia Clean Energy Summit, Asian Downstream Summit and Gas Asia Summit, the event featured a special presentation by KPMG on “Decarbonisation of the Transportation Sector”.

While global energy demand continues to expand, there are growing concerns around environmental issues. Participants exchanged views on the emergence of new technological innovations in the energy landscape and explored renewable energy solutions. This included how companies could make positive, clean impacts on the energy industry.



“Employers have access to key publics that they can influence and inspire. Corporates need to reduce their power generation in order to lower their greenhouse impact. They need to think about the way they are heating, their environments and the way they are providing transport for their employees.” said Natasha Patel, Associate Director, Global Strategy Group, KPMG.

“A key challenge in the future for energy transformation is the ability of some regions and countries to make the switch from coal to gas,” said Ms Jenny Kelly, Conference Director & UK Head of Content, DMG Events (representing GAS Asia Summit).

“Although gas is a cleaner burning fuel, it is still a fossil fuel and it is therefore down to companies and other relevant agencies to support innovative financing that will help countries generate cleaner energy.”

“Southeast Asia is one of the key regions for emerging wind markets globally, especially countries with strong wind feasibility and supportive government policies such as Thailand, Vietnam, China and the Philippines,” said Joyce Lee, Policy and Operations Director, Global Wind Energy Council, highlighting the growth of alternative sustainable energy sources.

In anticipation of the upcoming SIEW 2019, Mr Iain Pitt, CEO, The Energy Council (representing Clarion Events), shared that the event brings together players from various aspects of the energy, making it an unparalleled global platform for attendees to exchange sentiments on crucial issues.

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