Achieving a low-carbon future will involve all energy options: WNA


Governments must consider all available low-carbon energy sources to meet the increasing demand for reliable, affordable, and clean energy, said the World Nuclear Association (WNA) in its World Nuclear Performance Report 2018 – Asia Edition. The report, launched at SIEW 2018, charts the performance of the nuclear industry in Asia, and around the world.

According to the report, the world’s nuclear reactors achieved performance excellence in 2017. Last year saw the average global nuclear capacity factor increase to 81.1 per cent, up from 80.5 per cent in 2016. This continues a trend of more than 20 years of high capacity factors of around 80 per cent. Global nuclear generation also increased to 2,506TWh*, up 29TWh from 2016 and up more than 160TWh over the last five years.

In Asia, the construction of Bangladesh’s first nuclear power reactor commenced last year. Nuclear generation in the region was boosted by the fifth Japanese reactor which returned to service, while a public vote in South Korea led to the construction of Shin-Kori nuclear reactors 5 and 6 being resumed.

However, achieving the nuclear industry’s Harmony goal of supplying 25 per cent of the world’s electricity by 2050 will require significantly more action in three key areas:

  1. Equal treatment of nuclear energy: Energy markets must treat nuclear energy on equal opportunity with other low-carbon technologies. This will help drive investment in future clean energy.
  2. Effective safety paradigm: To focus on genuine public wellbeing, where the health, environmental, and safety benefits of nuclear energy are better understood and misconceptions among the public cleared.
  3. Harmonisation of regulatory processes: This will create nuclear licensing regimes that are more consistent, efficient, and predictable between energy markets, and will promote nuclear capacity growth, without compromising safety and security.

For more information on nuclear energy developments in Asia, as well as an overview of the performance of nuclear reactors around the world, download the full report here.


* TWh: Terawatt hours (one trillion-watt hours of electricity)


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