SIEW Day 5 (27 October 2017)


SIEW 2017 Comes to a Close

05.13 PM

Thanks for joining us at SIEW 2017! It’s been a week of fruitful discussion at the 10th edition of SIEW, as we shared our energy visions for a sustainable future and thoughts on Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change. For more updates in the energy sector, visit

Day5 - 12 - SIEW Wrap-Up

Catch up on everything at SIEW 2017 right here on the SIEW Blog. See you next year!

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Rethinking Business Models to Achieve Low Carbon District

05.10 PM

RTH1 (1)

There are three factors required to achieve a true Low Carbon District (LCD): The creation of technology standards and guidance, the development of scalable technologies that can be deployed widely, and establishing a clear definition a “low carbon district”, said participants at a roundtable during SIEW 2017. Read the full article

Safety and Security Key to Unlock Nuclear Potential in Asia

04.57 PM


The Fukushima incident of 2011 should not be the reason to shy away from the nuclear sector, said Ambassador Ong Keng Yong, Executive Deputy Chairman, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) during a roundtable at SIEW 2017. “There is no system in the world that is completely ‘fail-safe’,” he said, while underlining the importance of a strong safety and security culture.

Read the full article

3 Emerging Technologies for Small-Scale Grids

03.19 PM


Today 107 million people in Southeast Asia live without access to grid-quality electricity, said Mr Beni Suryadi, Acting Manager, Policy and Research Analytics, ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) during a roundtable at SIEW 2017.

This group of people, mostly living in remote areas, rely on off-grid energy generation which is mostly dominated by diesel. They are therefore susceptible to a number of issues, including exposure to significant price volatility, high transportation costs and increased carbon emissions. Read the full article

Innovation and Technology at the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables

01.45 PM

Advances in innovation and technologies were discussed at today’s SIEW Thinktank Roundtables.

The Energy Research Institute @ NTU’s (ERI@N) shared more about the challenges and opportunities of the Low Carbon District & Energy-Water Nexus in Singapore.


Emerging technologies for small-scale grids was the focus at Energy Studies Institute’s (ESI) roundtable discussion.

At the S.Rajaratnam School of International Studies’ roundtable on Nuclear Safety and Security: Powering Nuclear Governance in East Asia, participants discussed the advances and future developments in the industry.

SIEW 2017 in Pictures

Over the past five days, we have seen a fruitful exchange of insights spanning topics across changing energy market dynamics, the advancement of renewables, the impact of new technologies and innovation, investment and financing solutions, and climate change commitments.

This collective effort to build a sustainable and secure energy future for all is what SIEW strives to do each year since we began in 2008 – and what we will continue to drive in the years to come.

Highlights from SIEW Live 2017

12.46 PM

Leaders of government and industry share their thoughts on rethinking energy, energising the sector and the role of youth at SIEW Live.

One Belt One Road to Asia’s Energy Future

11.30 AM


In 2013, China unveiled the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to strengthen connectivity between Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa and Eurasia. This consists of the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt, which itself comprises six corridors, and the sea-based Maritime Silk Road.

With the rapid increase in Asia’s energy demand, the BRI will be instrumental in bringing the region together to share energy reserves, build necessary infrastructure, foster economic growth, and drive cleaner energy, said participants of a roundtable at SIEW 2017. Read the full article

Smart and Green Solutions at the Nordic Green Dialogue

11.09 AM

Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden hosted the Nordic Green Dialogue at SIEW this morning, sharing their energy experience, digital transformation and sustainable solutions.

Mr Soh Yap Choon, Deputy Chief Executive (Power System Operation), Energy Market Authority (EMA), gave the opening address, speaking of how Singapore, like the Nordic countries, is working towards a sustainable energy future. On the regional front, ASEAN is working towards reducing energy intensity by 30 percent by 2025 based on 2005 levels. ASEAN also aims to increase the component of renewable energy in the energy mix to 23 percent by 2025.

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3 Ways ASEAN Can be More Energy Efficient

10.48 AM


Ensuring reliability and affordability of energy is important for ASEAN – a region comprising mostly developing countries – to sustain economic growth, said Dr Sanjayan Velautham, Executive Director, ASEAN Centre for Energy, during a roundtable at SIEW 2017.

Energy consumption in the region is expected to be primarily met by fossil fuels for the next few decades. To be more sustainable, energy efficiency is and remains a key focus for ASEAN governments. Read the full article

Gas Security Remains Vital Issue Despite Growth in Supply

10.37 AM


“A second natural gas revolution is underway, this time caused by LNG,” said Mr Peter Fraser, Head of Gas, Coal and Power Markets Division, International Energy Agency (IEA).

Prominent features of this revolution include a projected surge in LNG supply between 2016 and 2020, increasing LNG demand by developing countries to beyond 50 percent of all imports by 2022, and the evolution of LNG agreements toward destination-flexible and shorter contracts. Read the full article

It’s the Last Day of SIEW

8.45 AM


Today, we continue with the SIEW Thinktank Roundtables, covering: Nuclear Safety and Security: Powering Nuclear Governance in East Asia (S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies); Low Carbon District & Energy-Water Nexus in Singapore: Challenges & Opportunities (Energy Research Institute @ NTU), and Emerging Technologies for Small-Scale Grids (Energy Studies Institute).

Also, find out more about how Nordic smart and green solutions can contribute to solve urban challenges in South East Asia at the Nordic Green Dialogue, 9.00am-2.00pm at Melati Ballroom (Level 4).

Stay tuned for more updates.

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