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Red Dot Power Pte Ltd (RDP), a vTrium Energy Group Company is a pioneer and leading player in the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS) and Electricity Futures Market (administered by SGX) in Singapore. Known as an initial disrupter on the energy scene, Red Dot Power has been at the forefront of the electricity retail market since independent retailers began market operations. RDP offers competitive pricing; customizable savings plans and unparalleled customer service. Red Dot Power is the first independent Electricity Retailer to begin the electricity supply to contestable class of electricity consumer in Singapore taking the benefit of the Electricity Futures Market and occupies #1 position (as of March 2017) amongst the independent electricity retailers in terms of market share. Balancing both demand and supply, the company offers a one-stop experience specially catered to individual energy management needs.

Red Dot Power provides all-inclusive energy management solutions to its retail electricity consumers both on demand side and supply side i.e., electricity demand management and retail electricity supply, thus providing a complete one-stop energy solution to the electricity consumers in Singapore. Red Dot Power’s main business segments are:

Retail of Electricity: Optimizing the benefits of the Electricity Futures Market, RDP is able to hedge customer risks at competitively determined prices – offering one-stop energy solutions for commercial, industrial and housing*. (*Available in 2018)

Demand Response / Interruptible Load (DR / IL): DR / IL allows consumers to reduce or reassign their power usage in times of peak demand, forced outages or system emergencies.

Solar Projects: Red Dot Power is an investor, owner and operator of Solar projects, both conventional c-Si and Organic PV (OPV) solutions

Grid and O -Grid Storage Solutions: RDP offers MW scale battery storage solutions for the grid, off -grid and micro-grid applications to the electricity market and to support increased deployment of the intermittent Solar power generation.

Red Dot Power is the first electricity retailer to offer electricity consumption / demand reduction solutions to its electricity retailers through its flagship program “eResponse” through an EMA sponsored “OptiWatt” project. In March 2017, again Red Dot Power offered yet another incentive plan to its SME segment electricity consumers under the banner “RDP Goes Green, You Save, RDP Pays”.

Red Dot Power’s business approach is to keep the Singaporean electricity CONSUMERS as its central focal point and offer a suite of services to reduce the cost of electricity and thereby facilitating higher productivity and cost competitiveness.

Red Dot Power has assembled a significant Singaporean core workforce and trained them in the niche electricity segment business models. An enabling working atmosphere is being offered to the employees to innovate, improve and think out of the box leading to greater consumer satisfaction.

Red Dot Power is currently working on “end-to-end Digitalization” to offer seamless and paperless customer services starting from customer acquisition, customer relations, billing and payments. To this effect software tools like Sales Force, eBilling, CRM etc are being deployed for the first time amongst the independent electricity retailers in Singapore. This is more so important when the Full Retail Competition (FRC) is rolled out in second half 2018 by EMA where even the residential sector can have the choice to choose their electricity retailer.

Red Dot Power while focusing on consolidating and growing its business in Singapore has set its sight to expand internationally in the ASEAN, South Asia and Middle East region. The experience and the core competency developed in Singapore will be replicated is these overseas markets, thus truly graduating into a Singapore MNC.


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